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Manual Testing

Software testing definitions

  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Static testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Lifecycle models
  • Waterfall modesl
  • V model
  • Agile methodology
  • Spiral model
  • Lifecycle models
  • Waterfall modesl
  • V model
  • Agile methodology
  • Spiral model
  • Testing types
  • Blackbox testing
  • Whitebox testing
  • Testing Levels
  • Unit testing
  • Module testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing

Different testing types

  • Smoke testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Regression testing
  • Retesting
  • Adhoc testing
  • Monkey testing..etc.,

Defect management

  • Definition of defect
  • Defect life cycle
  • How to report bugs
  • Bug severity and priority explained

Test cases

  • What is a test case
  • How to write a test case
  • Best practices for wiring test cases

Test Management

  • Test plan
  • Test strategy
  • Traceability matrix

Overview of Test management and bug tracking tools

Introduction to automation and tools

  • Basics of automation testing – why, when and how to perform automation testing
  • Factors for choosing a particular tool
  • An overview for the major functional testing tools

 Selenium Web driver course syllabus

Java Concepts

  • Basic concepts like loops, conditions, variables, objects, inheritance, method overloading, exceptions……etc..,

Basics of Automation

  • An overview of the basics of what we need to understand to automate web applications: Navigation, Interrogation, Manipulation and Synchronization.


  • An introduction to TestNG and effective assertion practices.
  • A More detailed look at annotations like @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass
  • Exercises and Examples involving simple Java to explore TestNG assertions and annotations

Implementing Navigation using web driver

  • The basic navigation commands
  • An overview of the WebDriver Class
  • Exercices and Examples

Implementing Interrogation using web driver

  • Simple driver level interrogations like getTitle, getCurrentUrl, etc.
  • Exercises and Examples

Object selection methods of selenium web driver

  • Basics of objects selectors
  • Plugins for Firefox and Chrome
  • Exercises and Examples

XPath Location

  • Basics of XPath
  • Exercises and Examples

Dealing with forms and Simple HTML Elements


  • SendKeys method explored
  • Exercises and Examples

Implementing User Interactions with webdriver

  • Actions sequence methods explored
  • Keyboard and mouse actions
  • Exercises and Examples

Dealing Frames and Windows

WebDriver methods explained

  • Frames Examples
  • Frames Exercises
  • Windows Explained
  • Windows Example
  • Windows Exercises

Manipulating the browser window

  • Synchronisation Strategies
  • Exercise and Examples
  • WebDriverWait explained in more detail
  • ExpectedConditions explained
  • Exercises

Use of Different Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • IE

Integrating Selenium with ant

  • Introduction to ANT
  • Running selenium tests using ant
  • Generating reports with ant


Integrating Selenium and Maven

  • Introduction to Maven
  • Running selenium test using maven
  • Generating reports with maven

Framework design and Implementation

  • Introduction to framework and its design
  • Simple framework design
  • Exercise
  • Introduction to page objects
  • Simple framework using page objects
  • Exercise
  • Introduction to page factory
  • Simple framework using page factory
  • Exercise
  • Data driven framework using page factory
  • Introduction to keyword driven and hybrid frameworks


  • Introduction to QTP & ADD – Ins
  • First Look Flight Reservation Application
  • How to use QTP IDE
  • Record & Run Settings | Recording the Script
  • Object Identification  (Must Watch)
  • Understanding Expert View
  • Understanding Recorded Script
  • Replay | Run Settings
  • Test Results for QTP
  • Parametrization
  • Checkpoints – Standard CheckPoints
  • OutPut Values
  • If & Else Loop
  • Reporter.Report Event | Results Formatting
  • Actions
  • SMART Identification
  • Object Property Modification
  • Ordinal Identifiers
  • Local Object Repository
  • Develop Script in EXPERT View
  • Recording Modes in QTP
  • User Defined Functions
  • Transactions
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Optional Step
  • GetROProperty | Object Spy
  • Descriptive Programming
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • Creating Automation Frameworks with QTP
  • Using Excel with QTP

    Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product: Meets the business and technical requirements that guided it's design and development.

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