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Course Description

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP can add, delete, modify data in your database.PHP can generate dynamic page content.PHP can restrict users to access some pages on your website.With PHP you are not limited to output HTML. You can output images, PDF files, and even Flash movies. You can also output any text, such as XHTML and XML. PHP Training Course Prerequisite HTML, CSS, Javascript. PHP runs on different platforms Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X.PHP has support for a wide range of database. PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today Apache, IIS

Course Information

Course Information

  • Duration: 35 – 40hrs
  • Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day
  • Method: Online/Classroom Training
  • Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content


  • PHP intro / phpinfo
  • Installing XAMPP/WAMP/LAMP/MAMP on local machine
  • Configuring php.ini
  • PHP basics – variables, constants
  • Data types :booleans,integers, floats, Array, Associative Array, Floats,strings Logical operators.
  • Operators,
  • Type casting / type juggling
  • NULL in php, Loops: For loop,while loop,
  • foreachloop,Break,
  • continue
  • Pointers
  • If else decisions making SWITCH
  • Functions: Array Functions,String Functions
  • User defined functions :Defining Functions, Function Defaults,Return Values, Function Multiple Returns, Arguments, Function Scope
  • Entering USER data – Forms, form procesing (HTTP methods – GET / POST),
  • PHP includes
  • Form validation (basics to security)
  • Debugging PHP
  • Getting User Info: Cookies/Sessions
  • html encoding / url encoding
  • Redirects in PHP (header function)

Key Features

  • Career oriented training.
  • One to One live interaction with a trainer.
  • Demo project end to end explanation.
  • Interview guidence with resume preparation.
  • Support with the trainer through E-mail.

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