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Course Description

MuleSoft is a vendor that provides an integration platform to connect applications, data and APIs across on-premises and cloud computing environments. To provide agility both on-premises and in the cloud, MuleSofts Anypoint Platform integrates or connects SaaSapplications and existing legacy applications through application programming interfaces (APIs). In addition, the platform integrates service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Course Information

  • Duration: 25 – 30 hrs
  • Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day
  • Method: Online/Classroom Training
  • Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

Mule ESB Session

Weak -1 About Mule standalone server, Anypoint Studio
Mule Standalone server structure, directory structure
Mule variable flow variable and session variable, Message Routing, Debugging Mule Application
About file endpoint, flow, sub flow, private flow and its use ,Mule Expresson Language (MEL)
DB Generic Connector , MySQL Connector , HTTP Connector and endpoint,  DB select operations
Mule Message Structure and its use, Mule Message Transformation API (Abstract and Abstract Message Transformer)
About Mule callable API with example


Weak-2 Polling Messages with endpoints and Property Type
Endpoints File Transfer
Consuming Rest Application
Consuming SOAP services
Publishing Rest Services
Publising SOAP Service
Routers, Components, Connectors


Weak-3 VM End points
JMS Endpoints description and uses
Connecting Mule ESB with Third party applications
Data conversion xml and JSON
Error Handing
MEL Examples
API with RAML Part 1


Weak-4 API with RAML Part 2
API Management basics
Basic Design priniciples
Deploying Mule ESB application
DataWave 1
DataWave 2
Maven setting
Decryption and encryption
Mini Project 1



Weak – 5  

Mini Project 2
Extra Queries

Key Features

  • Career oriented training.
  • One to One live interaction with a trainer.
  • Demo project end to end explanation.
  • Interview guidence with resume preparation.
  • Support with the trainer through E-mail.

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