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Module1: Introduction to DevOps and its Necessity

  • History of DevOps
  • Configuration management
  • What is DevOps
  • Why DevOps
  • Dev and Ops problem
  • DevOps as a solution
  • DevOps’ Advantages
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps Skills

Module 2: Virtualization

  • Virtualization and Vagrant Concepts
  • Hypervisors – Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors
  • Pros and Cons of virtualization
  • Setting up and configuring VM using Oracle Virtual box and Vagrant.

Module 3: Version Control Tools

  • Version Control tools – GIT
  • Basics GIT commands
  • Setting up github account.

Module 4: Continuous Integration using Jenkins

  • Basic of Jenkins
  • Installation of Jenkins
  • Running Jenkins
  • Authentication and Authorization with Jenkins
  • Configuring github with Jenkins.
  • Setting up Jenkins Pipeline.

Module 5: Containerization using Docker

  • Introduction to containerization and Docker.
  • Installing Docker on VM.
  • Docker images and containers.
  • Integrating Docker with Jenkins.
  • CI/CD using Docker and Jenkins.

Module 6: Configuration Management tools (Chef)

  • Introduction to Configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet and Ansible)
  • Setting up Chef DK, Chef client and workstation,
  • Chef commands, recipes, cookbooks, templates
  • Bootstrapping chef client using knife

Module 7: Cloud Computing – an overview

  • Cloud Computing at a glance
  • DevOps on the cloud : IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
    • Types of cloud – private, public, hybrid
    • Introduction to AWS.

    DevOps is a new term emerging from the collision of two major related trends. The first was also called “agile infrastructure” or “agile operations”; it sprang from applying Agile and Lean approaches to operations work. The second is a much-expanded understanding of the value of collaboration between development and operations staff throughout all stages of the development lifecycle when creating and operating a service, and how important operations has become in our increasingly service-oriented world (cf. Operations: The New Secret Sauce).

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