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No.of openings : 1 Experience : 1 – 2 Yrs Closed

Job Description:

  • Responsible for doing research on an assigned topic, and providing analysis and reporting.
  • While the domain of knowledge will vary greatly across industries, a research associate will typically be responsible for the research and collection of information, analysis of that information given a project’s expressed goals and presentation of findings/results to help inform decisions on a project or within an organization.


  • The Research Analyst will be completely responsible for doing research, collection of information, analysis and summation to help the Incubation Manager to achieve the organizations objectives. The Research Analyst is expected to have a keen attention to detail, analytical and should recommend actions based upon the gathered data/facts. Major responsibility would be inclusive of the following:
  • Research market and industry trends and patterns related to new technology.
  • Industries and sectors using these new technologies.
  • Create detailed reports of findings and convert complex data and findings into understandable tables, graphs, and written reports, simplify findings into presentations.
  • Organize, Compile and store data for future use.
  • Document all data and research procedures.
  • Analyze data and information to find ways to improve operations, pin point problems and solutions, Inform and advise various levels of management and stakeholders.
  • Recommend changes and improvements based on research findings.
  • Meet with Start-ups and vendors to discuss procedures, processes, develop and conduct surveys. Create master data.
  • Analyze habits and data available from competitors.
  • Compare ROI with past numbers.
  • Implement tests of processes, policies, and protocols.
  • Identify and understand problems through forecasting, gap analysis, quantitative reporting, research, and statistical analysis.
  • Write reports, white papers, and other published documents.

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