SAS(Statistical Analysis System)




Course Description

SAS (“Statistical Analysis System”) is an integrated system of software solutions that enables you to perform the following tasks: data entry, retrieval, and management. report writing and graphics design. statistical and mathematical analysis

Course Content


SAS programming and Data management using SAS:
Introduction to SAS
Descriptive information and statistics
An overview of statistical tests in SAS
Exploring data with graphics
Using where with SAS procedures
Missing values in SAS
Common SAS options
Overview of SAS syntax of SAS procedures
Common error messages in SAS
Inputting raw data into SAS
Reading dates into SAS and using date variables
Creating and recoding variables
Using SAS functions for making/recoding variables
Subsetting variables and observations
Labeling data, variables and values
Using Proc Sort and the BY statement
Merging Data Files via Data Step, Proc SQL
Concatenating (stacking) SAS data files
Working across variables
Collapsing across observations in SAS via Proc Means, Proc SQL, Data Step I , Data Step ll
Reshaping data from wide to long via Proc Transpose, Data Step
Reshaping data from long to wide via Proc Transpose, Data Step