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Oracle Fusion Applications HCM Training


One of the most time-absorbing and complex project deliverables which every client faces when implementing Oracle HCM Cloud, is deploying one or more interfaces from your brand new system to all those third party systems (i.e. payroll systems, other HR applications and financial systems). At Epicenter, we have developed a Flexible Interface Tool for your Oracle HCM Cloud integration requirements.

    • Duration: 112 hrs
    • Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day
    • Method: Online/Classroom Training
    • Study Material: Soft Copy
    1.Oracle Fusion Global Human Resource Implementaiton Course - 40 hrs
    Course Highlights
    This Global Human Resources training and configure security. Expert instructors will teach you how to manage person & employment data, access person gallery and more.
    You will learn How to:
    • Use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Workforce Deployment.
    • Set up your enterprise and workforce structures. Create jobs, positions and grades.
    • Perform functional tasks like hiring persons, managing employment and accessing the gallery portrait.
    • Configure security for Global Human Resources data.  Import and export data, personalize and extend HCM, and use the various reporting tools.
    • This course is relevant for any participant using Fusion Applications through Release 11.1.7 & above.
    • This course is appropriate for both Oracle Cloud and on-premises deployments.
    • This course covers the syllabus of  following Oracle Certification:
    • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management 11g Human Resources Essentials (1Z0-584)
    • Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources 2014 Essentials (1Z0-418)
    Course Topics
    1.Course Overview
    • Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
    • Oracle Fusion HCM Overview
    • Fusion HR & Payroll Country Extensions and Languages
    2.HCM Cloud Service Overview
    • Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service Patching and Upgrades
    • Oracle Cloud Environment Management
    • Setup Migration through FSM
    • Oracle Cloud Backup Policies
    • Oracle Cloud Disaster Recovery Objectives
    • Know How to Work with Oracle SaaS
    3.Define Geographies
    • Geography Model
    • Geography Structure
    • File-Based Import Process
    • Define Enterprise Structures
    • Establishing Enterprise Structures Using the ESC
    • Reviewing the Configuration
    • Viewing the Technical Summary Report
    • Loading the Configuration and Rolling Back
    4.Establish Job and Position Structures<
    • Determine Job and Position Usage
    • Define Additional Job and Position Attributes at Enterprise
    • Define Contextual Attributes for Jobs and Positions
    5.Define Enterprise HCM Information
    • Manage Enterprise HCM Information Task
    • Employment Model
    • Work Day Information
    • Number Generation
    • Person- Name Languages
    • Enterprise-Level User and Role-Provisioning Options
    6.Define Legal Entities for HCM
    • Legal Entity Role
    • Legal Entity Considerations
    • Legal Entity and its Relationship to Divisions
    • Legal Reporting Units Overview
    • Legislative Data Groups
    7.Define Workforce Structures
    • Defining Locations
    • Defining HCM Organizations
    • Actions and Action Reasons
    8.Define Grades
    • Grades Setup and Maintenance
    • Defining Grades
    • Defining Grade Rates
    • Defining Grade Ladders
    9.Define Jobs
    • Jobs Setup and Maintenance
    • Lookups for Jobs
    • Grades
    • Job Families
    10.Define Positions
    • Positions Setup and Maintenance
    • Lookups for Positions
    • Positions Example: Retail Industry
    11.Manage Workforce Lifecycle
    • Add Person
    • Manage Employment Information
    • Areas of Responsibility
    • Employment Processes
    • Mass Updates
    12.Maintain Worker Directories
    • Person Gallery and Portrait
    • Person Search
    • Line Manager Self-Service
    • Worker Self-Service
    • Portrait Cards
    • Simplified User Experience
    • Managing Gallery Portrait
    13.Define Workforce Records
    • Defining Availability
    • Defining Person Record Values
    • Defining Employment Record Values
    • Defining Documents
    14.Overview of Export and Import
    • HCM File-Based Loader
    • HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader
    • Overview of Standard Export Tools
    15.Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications
    • Workflow
    • Approval Policies
    • Approver Types
    • Manage Approval Groups for Human Capital Management
    • Approval Structure
    • Oracle BPM Worklist
    • Approval Rules
    16.Extend and Personalize HCM
    • Sandbox Manager
    • Customizations
    • Flexfield Concepts
    17.HCM Security Overview
    • Role-Based Security Model
    • Role Inheritance
    • Security Profiles and Data Roles
    • User and Role Provisioning
    18.Business Intelligence and Ad Hoc Reporting
    • Oracle Fusion Reporting Tools for Oracle HCM Cloud Service
    • Comparison of Reporting Tools
    • Dashboards
    2.Oracle Fusion Talent Management Implementation Course -  32 hrs
    Course Highlights
    In this course, you will learn the key concepts of Oracle Fusion Workforce Development: HCM Talent
    Management that determine a successful implementation.
    Using slides, demonstrations, case studies, and hands-on activities, you will learn how to use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager to implement Talent Management products.
    You will also learn how to use Talent Management to manage the profiles, goals, performance, succession plans, talent pools, and talent reviews of their workforce. Course materials include descriptions of common applications configuration, implementation, and functional tasks for Workforce Development.
    This course is relevant for any participant using Fusion Applications through Release 11.1.7 & above.
    This course is appropriate for both Oracle Cloud and on-premises deployments.
    This course covers the syllabus of  following Oracle Certification:
    Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management 11g Talent Management Essentials (1Z0-585)
    Oracle Fusion HCM: Talent Management 2014 Essentials (1Z0-420)
    Course Topics
    1.Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications and Talent Management
    • Introducing Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service
    • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
    • Demonstrating Oracle Fusion Applications Help Portal
    • Introducing Oracle Fusion Talent Management
    • Introducing Talent Management Main Business Activities
    2.Define Common Applications Configuration for Human Capital Management
    • Introducing Profile Management
    • Profile Management Integrations and Setup
    • Setting Up Talent Profile Content
    • Content Library
    • Content Types and Content Items
    • Rating Models
    • Profile Types and Components
    • Instance Qualifiers
    3.Manage Goals and Define Worker Goal Setting
    • Goal Management Concepts and Actions
    • Goal Types
    • Goal Management Setup
    • Lookups, Flexfields, Profile Options, and Notifications
    • Goal Library
    • Goal Plans
    • Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
    • Managing Worker and Organization Goals
    4.Define Questionnaires
    • Questionnaire Concepts
    • Managing Questions
    • Question Library
    • Question and Response Types
    • Questionnaire Templates
    • Creating Questionnaires
    5.Manage and Define Worker Performance
    • Performance Management Overview
    • Performance Profile Options and Descriptive Flexfields
    • Performance Roles and Document Types
    • Eligibility Profiles
    • Process Flow Definitions
    • Performance Templates and Performance Template Sections
    • Performance Documents and Worker Evaluations
    • Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Worker Performance
    6.Manage Succession Plans and Talent Pools
    • Succession Management Overview
    • Succession Management Integrations and Setup
    • Creating and Managing Succession Plans
    • Succession Plan Types
    • Talent Pools Overview
    • Talent Pools Integrations
    • Creating and Managing Talent Pools
    • Adding Members and Goals to Talent Pools
    7.Review Talent and Define Talent Review
    • Talent Review Overview
    • Talent Review Life Cycle
    • Talent Review Integrations
    • Talent Review Setup and Maintenance Tasks
    • Talent Review Template
    • Conducting a Talent Review Meeting
    3.Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Management Implementation Course - 40 hrs
    Course Highlights
    This Fusion Applications HCM Compensation training teaches you how to implement, configure, and use Oracle Fusion Compensation to manage base pay, individual compensation, workforce compensation, and total compensation statements. Explore compensation setup and management tasks through slides discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities
    This course is relevant for any participant using Fusion Applications through Release 11.1.7 & above.
    This course is appropriate for both Oracle Cloud and on-premises deployments.
    This course covers the syllabus of  following Oracle Certification:
    Oracle Fusion HCM: Compensation  2014 Certified Implementation Specialist (1Z1-495)  - Coming Soon!
    Course Topics
    1.Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications and HCM Compensation
    • Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
    • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
    • Introducing the Manage Compensation and Analyze Total Compensation Main
    • Business Activities
    2.Define Security for HCM
    • HCM Security Setup and Maintenance
    • Roles Assigned to Users
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Job and Duty Roles
    • Separation of Manage Compensation and Analyze Total Compensation Duties by User Accounts and Role Provisioning
    • Managing Security Using HCM, OIM, and APM
    3.Define Workforce Structures
    • Employment Models Overview
    4.Define Eligibility Profiles
    • Defining Eligibility Overview
    • Managing Derived Factors
    • Planning and Prerequisites for Eligibility Profiles
    • Setting the Eligibility Profile Definition
    • Defining Eligibility Criteria
    5.Define Elements, Balances and Formulas
    • Manage Fast Formulas
    • Managing Payroll Elements Overview
    • Element Templates
    • Element Entries and Input Values
    • Element Eligibility Criteria
    • Balance Feeds
    • Element Classifications Overview
    • Elements and the Payroll Employment Model
    6.Define and Manage Base Pay
    • Grade Rate Overview
    • Validating Salary Using Grade Rates
    • Salary Terminology
    • Salary Basis Overview
    • Base Pay Frequencies and Annualization Factors
    • Salary Components Overview
    • Managing Base Pay Overview
    7.Define and Manage Individual Compensation
    • Actions Overview
    • Individual Compensation Plans Overview
    • Awarding Variable Compensation Outside of the Regular Compensation Cycle
    • Managing Compensation
    • Introducing Compensation History
    8.Manage Workforce Compensation Plans Overview
    • Workforce Compensation Key Features and Capabilities
    • Global Settings
    • Defining Workforce Compensation
    9.Configure Workforce Compensation Plan Foundation
    • Manage Compensation Plans
    • Plan Details
    • Plan Eligibility
    • Plan Cycles
    • Plan Currency
    • Plan Access
    • Feedback Survey
    10.Configure Workforce Compensation Budgets
    • Budgeting Overview
    • Budget Page Layout
    11.Configure Workforce Compensation Worksheets
    • Compensation Components
    • Performance Ratings
    • Approvals
    • Alternate Approver Hierarchy
    • Compensation Change Statements
    • Alerts
    • Worksheet Display and Page Layout
    • Dynamic Columns
    12.Configure Workforce Compensation Models and Reports
    • Modeling Overview
    • Reports Overview
    • Report Dimensions Overview
    13.Validate Workforce Compensation Plans
    • Validating Plan Setup
    • Validation Results
    • Start Compensation Cycle Process
    14.Manage Compensation Models and Budgets
    • Manage Compensation Models and Budgets Navigation
    • Managing Compensation Models Overview
    • Managing Budgets Overview
    15.Manage Workforce Compensation
    • Manage Workforce Compensation Navigation
    • Compensation Plans Overview
    • Managing Compensation Plans
    16.Administer Workforce Compensation
    • Compensation Work Area
    • Global Models Overview
    • Active Plans Overview
    • Administering Workers Overview
    • Administration Reports Overview
    • Batch Process Overview
    17.Define Total Compensation Statements
    • Total Compensation Statements Overview
    • Compensation Items Overview
    • Compensation Categories
    • Statement Definitions
    • Monitoring Processes and Viewing Statements Overview
    • Career oriented training.
    • One to One live interaction with a trainer.
    • Demo project end to end explanation.
    • Interview guidence with resume preparation.
    • Support with the trainer through E-mail.

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