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Mobile Testing & Selenium

40 hrs

Mobile testing has become a requirement and testers who want expand their testing knowledge and efficiency should be able to perform mobile testing as well. There is so much software now accessible from your browsers, and most of these websites have a matching app.
If you are using Selenium for your testing, you are testing web applications, so there is a good chance that your company also has at least one mobile app.
So “ Can Selenium be used for mobile testing? ” The short answer would be “Not really”, but don’t despair just yet, there is a longer answer to that question.
The long answer would be: “You cannot use Selenium for mobile app testing, but there are frameworks based on Selenium especially created for mobile automated testing. You can still use Selenium for mobile website testing.”

    • Duration: 40 hrs
    • Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day
    • Method: Online/Classroom Training
    • Study Material: Soft Copy
    • 1. Overview of Mobile Testing
    • 2. Overview of Mobile Automation
    • 3. Leading tools for Mobile Testing
    • 4. Perfecto vs See Test
    • 5. Technical and cost Comparison
    • 6. Cloud Devices and Real Devices
    • 7. Types of Mobile apps
    • 8. Software Installation –See Test
    • 9. Device connectivity
    • 10. Recording
    • 11. Instrumentation
    • 12. Object Identification Methods
    • 13. Object spy
    • 14. Xpath
    • 15. See test commands
    • 16. Integration with Selenium
    • 17. Scripting & Execution using Selenium
    • 18. Parallel Execution
    • 19. Live Project Session
    • 20. Script Review
    • Career oriented training.
    • One to One live interaction with a trainer.
    • Demo project end to end explanation.
    • Interview guidence with resume preparation.
    • Support with the trainer through E-mail.

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