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Service-Now Training

40 – 45 hrs

ServiceNow is a cloud based IT Service management tool, which is growing exponentially in the space of ITSM and IT Governance. Organizations across the globe are implementing ServiceNow to create a lone structure of record for enterprise IT, reduce the IT operational costs and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency. ServiceNow is an excellent platform to develop custom applications according the business requirements of the customers.

    • Duration: 40 – 45 hrs
    • Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day
    • Method: Online/Classroom Training
    • Study Material: Soft Copy
    Introduction to ITIL
    • Introduction to ITSM
    • Incident Management , Problem Management and change management
    • Service Request Management
    • Configuration Management Database
    • SLA’s and OLA’s
    Introduction to Service-Now
    • Tool Introduction
    • Current Competitors
    • Releases
    • User Licenses
    • Using Wiki and Community
    Basic administration
    • Customizing Home Pages
    • Form Layouts and list layouts
    • Adding Users to Groups
    • Granting Roles to Users
    • Introducing Applications and Modules
    • Creation of tables and Modules
    • Creating tickets and raising Requests
    • Creating SLA’s
    • Performance Metrics
    Advanced Administration
    • UI Policies
    • Notifications
    • Dictionary Entries and Overrides
    • Data Policies
    • List Control and Calculations
    • Exporting the Data from Service-Now.
    • Update sets imports and Exports.
    • Scheduling Jobs
    • Business Rules
    • Client Scripts
    • UI Actions
    • Script Includes
    • Jelly Scripting
    • Bar Charts, Pie Charts, List Reports, Pivot Tables
    • Using scripting in Reporting
    • Scheduling Reports
    • Making Gauges
    Cloning and upgrades
    • Need For cloning and ways to implement
    • Upgrading the instance for new Release
    • Web Services
    • Direct Web Services
    • Transform Map Web Services
    • Scripted Web Services
    Content management
    • Introduction to CMS
    • Creating Sites
    • Creating Pages
    • Creating Blocks using Scripting
    • Login Rules
    Configuration management
    • Classes in CMDB
    • Mapping Configuration Item to Asset Records
    • Loading the CI’s into Service-Now
    • Relating Configuration items
    Import sets
    • Loading Data of different Formats
    • Using Data Sources
    • Using Transform Maps and Transform scripts
    Service catalog
    • Creating Catalog Items using Variables and Variable sets
    • Creating Record Producers
    • Design the flow using Workflow.
    • Creating Execution Plans
    • Writing Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI Policies
    • Creating Workflows on different tables
    • Approvals using workflows
    • Using Different Activities in workflows
    • Trouble shooting Business Rules
    • Data archiving.
    • Career oriented training.
    • One to One live interaction with a trainer.
    • Demo project end to end explanation.
    • Interview guidence with resume preparation.
    • Support with the trainer through E-mail.